Space Rock

3T-Boogie 26.11.2005


Very much going old time boogie in a new way!

7.75   3 939 plays

Electronic 26.11.2005


Electronic is a dancesong with some rough guitars.

5   1 890 plays
New Age

Mystique 26.11.2005


Very Asian pop song. We do like that kind of mixing. Take our music into their.

-   0 742 plays

Love is all around 26.11.2005


Ouh, that the message you know! Luv is all around. That's for sure. That chick who is singing is a great singer isn't she!

9.2   6 1126 plays

Take A Hike 26.11.2005


Rough guitars, Groovy drums, stylish synths. That's what 3T PROJECT is all about.

7.67   3 1091 plays
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