Melodic Metal

The One in Grief 17.10.2007


This song is relatively new, it was composed during recordings to replace a song called "Water Marked" which contained nice riffs but we were not able to make it work as a whole. At that time there was also a doubt whether we dare to use "Mankind" so we were forced to make a new song. This happened so that I wrote a song but left there enough room for Vottonen to use this amazing Spanish gypsy scale. Song turned out to be a great combination of doom, 80´s heavy, death metal and traditional gypsy music -it is now one of my personal favorites. I feel that the lyrics are most likely weakest...

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Melodic Metal

Sleep Is the Picture of Death 17.10.2007


This song is now about six years old and remained in my desk box. At first this was a very "slimy hit song". Of course when it came CITB song we had to change it. So, I skipped the 80´s style harmonies and added the new middle-part in order to still keep some melody on the song. This song worked as a test for Otto when we were searching for vocalist. He nailed it and the rest is history. The solo is amazing!!! It is not the most technical one, but it holds a feeling that is not easy to top. It also suits perfectly for the mood of the "Sleep". Of course the solo was recorded on the first...

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