Golden Carousel 02.11.2011


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Every Little Secret 16.10.2011


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The Road Warrior 21.03.2011


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The Northern Wind 20.12.2010


Here's a calm and relaxing piano melody to warm you up during the cold winter nights.. Enjoy!

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Miracles Are Real 17.12.2010


Hyvää joulua rakkaat ystävät ♥ Merry xmas everyone!

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Tears 19.12.2010


A Sad Man's Song 24.07.2010


Lyrics @ Youtube

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Our Rainbow 22.03.2010


"They say that the treasure is at the end of the rainbow,
but they're wrong.. you're right next to me, darling."

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Whisper 22.06.2010


"Hey, I can't hear nothing but a quiet whisper in the wind..."

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Just You And Me 05.06.2010


"Standing in the spring rain,
holding on to memories now,
the warmth of summer soon returns,
just to be taken away by the freezing winter,
the world around us may change
with all these fleeting moments,
but what do I care?
As long as it's just you and me..."

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Our Moments Together 03.06.2010


"You were the sun,
and I was the moon,
only a glimpse we had of each other,
then 'twas all gone again,
like the windy day and the stormy night,
that once brought us together..."

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Lost in Love 28.04.2010


"What a curious thing love is,
never can you truly comprehend it,
it makes you happy,
it makes you sad,
it makes you dizzy,
it makes you mad...
but I tell you darling,
we'll be okay as long as we
follow our hearts together"

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Deteriority 05.05.2010


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Bleeding World 01.05.2010


Albumi "Bleeding World" on nyt julkaistu! Käykää tutustumassa --> http://fi.equaldreams....

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The Ocean Soul 03.03.2010


"Lost in the ocean, chained to the depths, in a dark corner where the rays of light cannot reach. His tears now mixed in the water, the ocean soul is forever waiting to be released..."

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My Farewell 27.02.2010


"One last gaze I bestow upon the glimmering horizon, leaving behind them shadows of the past, I bid you my farewell..."

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On the Edge of the World 08.04.2010


Hey darlin', let's get this show on the road shall we?

On the edge of the world, I wait for you
(I'm waiting)...
You made me fall in love with you,
I think I gave it up too soon
(no no no, I don't wanna go)
(sing it!)
On the edge of the world, there's a place for you in my heart...

On the edge of the world!

(I'm standing here on the edge of the world waitin' for you darlin')

All this time, where the angels fly in the background,
she was my guardian angel (don't leave me hangin'!)

..and she knew that I was
crying for help, and now it was nowhere to...

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Dream Trance

Dreams 11.03.2010


Can't you see, I'm still in here,
hiding from all them things I fear,
looking up to the sky, waiting to see your face

There are times when love can't stay
but tomorrow is another day,
going separate ways, yet always keep the memories

It's been a while since I looked in your eyes,
but I got tired of them tears full of lies,
my happy ending just got blown away by you...

Dreams are like stars in the sky,
close your eyes and don't let them go..

Love is like a flower in the field,
take her hand and hold it forever,
don't let it go.. no

Can't you see, I'm still in here,
hiding from all them...

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Night of the Crows 06.04.2010


C'mon, let's do this!

Night of the crows,
is getting close,
I can't escape the killing blows,

my greatest fear,
is almost here,
and no, I won't shed a tear...

(This is the night of the crows!)

And as the night falls,
there's no escape,
the demonbirds will come and mark your grave!
(nasty creatures!)

The ends of time,
the sun won't shine,
I can no longer hold the line...

I feel the need,
to make you bleed,
feed our souls to the crows...
(Enter the underworld,
where the crows await, awesome!)

And as the night falls,
there's no escape,
the demonbirds will come and...

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Instrumental Rock

The Road 15.03.2010


The Road - Lyrics

How can I know where the road is taking me,
How can I know?

harmonies and mysteries,
some distant voice anomalies,
remedies and rusted old melodies,

happy times and souvenirs,
heaven's tears and broken dreams,
you walked away and left me
dying at your door
(I guess there's no other way)

I'm on the road, and I don't know
what's going on?
I'm on the road, and I've been walking

How can I know where the road is taking me,
How could I know?

broken hearts and apologies
lost in a dark metropolis
honey, I'll find my way to you,
(you said that you love...

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Progressive Metal

Hyperventilate 13.03.2010


I hyperventilate,
to discriminate,
our enemies I'm going to eliminate

cracked my bones,
who knows,
I think I just took an overdose

drugged your soul
with alcohol
motivation that makes you roll,

I jeopardize
you hypnotize
with those silly big leopard eyes

I reduced,
your seduce,
It's time I pay the rest of my dues

let me grow
out of control
survival odds are getting low
- - -

We're lost in this wilderness,
it takes control of you,

(we're lost in the wilderness,
it takes control)

and crawls into your very soul
You can't hide from it's truth,
you cannot change your destiny,

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Shattered 06.04.2010


"What is left of you makes what is left of me,
nothing but a shattered memory,
marching toward a darkened destiny..."

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The Promised Land 04.04.2010


Close your eyes and take yourself to the promised land...

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Dark Energy 17.03.2010


"Black Lightning, dark energy,
souls filled with chaos 'n' harmony,
fading away to another existence,
waiting for a chance to reform.."

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Return to the Light 28.02.2010


One of my first inspirations recreated with Cubase 5

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Flight of the Phoenix 27.02.2010


"Soaring through the skies, with fiery wings and feathers, to the ends of time, reborn from the ashes once again..."

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