Demimondaine 11.11.2010


Guitars: Slack Haddock (FIN)
Drums/Vocals/lyrics: RailSz (USA)
Arranged & Produced by RailSz (USA)

4   0 195 plays
Heavy Metal

Kingdom Come 17.10.2009


\"Forty-four percent of the American population is convinced that Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead sometime in the next fifty years. According to the most common interpretation of biblical prophecy, Jesus will return only after things have gone horribly awry here on earth. It is, therefore, not an exaggeration to say that if the city of New York were suddenly replaced by a ball of fire, some significant percentage of the American population would see a silver lining in the subsequent mushroom cloud, as it would suggest to them that the best thing that is ever going to...

4   1 303 plays
Industrial Metal

Wager Of The Millenium 30.12.2008


Suomalais-amerikkalainen ytheistyöprojekti.

Guitars: Slack Haddock (FIN)
Drums/Vocals/lyrics: RailSz (USA)
Arranged & Produced by RailSz (USA)

7.75   25 516 plays
Blues Rock

12 baarin blues 05.11.2008


blues vielä hieman kesken

9   1 380 plays

The First meets The Last 30.07.2008


The First man on earth meets the Last

9   1 403 plays
Heavy Metal

OctoHeart 05.11.2008


Rugs (US): drums + percussion
Spiral: Guitars, bass, vocals and stuff

7   1 342 plays

Sad Men Do 24.08.2008


Sad Men Do play Mando.

6.5   1 418 plays
Stoner Rock

Back Talk 30.07.2008


Music: Spiral
Vocals and remix: RailSz

4   0 370 plays

Jouni Puukko a.k.a. Johnny Blade 29.12.2007


Kieli poskessa väännetty pop-metal -chipale.

-   0 351 plays

Moonshine 17.06.2008


Väänsin reggaet housuun, kun oli pakko.

-   0 322 plays
Heavy Metal

Mystic Man 03.04.2008


Australialais-suomalais-USAlainen yhteistyöprojekti.

Musiikki: Spiral
Lead voacls: leeevvii9
Additional vocals: Spiral
Sound effects: cleanrug & BigB

-   0 434 plays
Heavy Metal

Run 28.12.2007

Heavy Metal

Seiska Reiska 22.11.2007


Testasin seiskakielistä.

10   1 750 plays

MC Spi Rules 05.11.2008


I'm gonna take you
then I'm gonna break you
dip you in the lake of fake blue

I'm gonna fight you
bite you rhyme you
your mama's gonna tell you I am so cool

Girls gonna love me my car and jacuuzi
they will scream "Spi rules as MC"
MY pants will under weight of the bling bling
bank account will just say ching ching

When I start rapping you better start crying
there's no way to beat my rhyming.

I wanna be,
your MC.
I wanna see,
you go crazy.


When I start rapping you better start crying
there's no way to beat my rhyming.

I'm gonna take you
then I'm gonna break...

-   0 255 plays

Dear B. 20.05.2008

Heavy Metal

Turn It Around 25.02.2007


Päivitetty versio.
Ensin ollaan surullisia, sitten iloisia.

-   0 495 plays
Instrumental Rock

Helkkyy 24.02.2007


Kyllä hienosti helkkyy nuo akustiset, vaikka itse sanonkin.

6.5   1 458 plays
Heavy Metal

Taisto a.k.a. Porilaisten farssi 19.11.2006


"...voi vainolaisten hurmehella peittää maan."

Kunhan nyt ensin päästään vauhtiin.

6.8   11 719 plays
Hard Rock

Rock'n'Roll Dream 21.11.2006


Vanha hitti vokaaleilla.

Want to see me rocking,
Want to see me driving,
Want to see me flying, flying down the road.

I want to make you sweat, I want to make you scream.
I want to make you bleed, bleed for me.

(can't you hear me calling, I need your sweet loving)

Give me some money,
Give me some fame,
Give me a rock'n'roll dream and I live it a day.

We want to live that rock'n'roll dream.
(We want to)

-   3 421 plays
Heavy Metal

Strong 12.11.2006


In the night the bells chime...

9.33   6 622 plays

Love Eternal 11.08.2006

Instrumental Rock

Bullets 04.09.2006


Jamittelua uudella kitaralla.

-   0 312 plays
Alternative Metal

It Rains Again 06.08.2006


(It) rains again,

Looking through the window,
see the world, watch it rain, watch it rain.
Looking through the window,
see the world, razorblades, razorblades.

7   1 454 plays
Instrumental Rock

Story 15.05.2006


Romanttista meininkiä.

7   0 368 plays
Instrumental Rock

Just 14.02.2006


Kyllä se hevanderikin sieltä vielä löytyy.

9   2 573 plays
Instrumental Rock

Tyranny 17.01.2006


Tähän pitäis vielä lyriikat ja vokaalit vääntää.

9   1 430 plays
Heavy Metal

Escape 12.01.2006


Lyhyt instrumentaali. Miksaus välillä hieman tunkkainen, mutta siinä se silti on.

7   6 447 plays
Instrumental Rock

Nosferatu's Xmas Feast 20.12.2005


Nosferatun perhe viettää joulun pyhiä syöden ja juoden hyvin,...

8.25   8 672 plays
Instrumental Rock

Drumpu 06.01.2006


Sekoilu vaihtuu jykevämmän riffittelyn kautta tunnelmointiin.

7.88   15 1067 plays
Instrumental Rock

EBH1 06.01.2006


Bluesahtavaa rockia täytetty ideattomilla sooloilla.

-   0 414 plays
Instrumental Rock

D 20.12.2005


Alun herkistelyn jälkeen hieman rymistellään.

8.25   3 779 plays
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