Super Metal Gear

AAE | 09.09.2012 | Laulaja / lauluntekijä

Antti: laulu, kitara, basso, koskettimet.
Kalle Aalto: rummut
Teemu Niemelä: koskettimet
Matti Aalto: koskettimet

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Solid Snake
One of the Sons of Big Boss
When you need to infiltrate
You'll find the man in Alaska
Mushing dogs
They pump him full of nanomachines
And dump him in the Bering Sea
Inside an SDV
Courtesy of US military

Shadow Moses
Seven years ago
The Codec rings it's Mei Ling
Just reminding
The former FOX
Who currently is hiding
Inside a box
Not to worry about the cold
The man's a clone yet so alone
But on frequency 141.12
He's got this dude

Called Otacon
The chief engineer of the new Metal Gear Rex
And he doesn't know what it's really for
And before you know he wets his pants
And bawls like a baby over the little old lady
Who lies in the snow and dies a slow death
In front of his eyes
It's not the last time

There's Liquid and Ocelot
Mantis reads your mind like you're his bitch
Vulcan Raven, giant, shaman
Used to a couple of chills
Then there's Frank
Who feels the battle and the clashing of bone and sinew in you
Take a ration
Don't lose the passion to ration the amount of kills


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