The Ruins Of The Abandoned Curch

Agarwaen | 20.08.2011 | Melodic Death

lyrics: Otto

Why my dream brought me here, to ruins of this abandoned church
Gates are broken, there's nothing left of walls, maybe death has taken it's toll

And as I step inside through the doors, a distant voice tells me to turn and run
But I'm too afraid to leave, I want to know, is this only a dream or is this for real

Everything have been brought down to ground
Statues, window's glass and even the roof
But then I hear a dreaded scream from upstairs
I don't want to be here anymore, I want to go out into rain

I cannot stay, I want to end all of this madness
Someone is chasing me, as I run through the forest
Oh the gods, help me, save my soul from this death

From this death!

And as I keep running I stumble to a root and fall off the cliff
Soon after I awake and realize that it was all just a dream

It was so painful, and so real!

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