Deimos (Exclusive release for 19.02.2012


Pitkästä aikaa tännekin jotain. Biisi on jaossa vain mikserissä :)

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Ngarnuuk 15.02.2005


175 bpm. "A melodic track with rasping distorted leads and band passed sawtooths."

Will be released on Proteus - Hard NRG 7 mix in 2005. (Teflon bullet)

9.3   14 12117 plays

Xochitlán (Full edit) 02.03.2005


"Extended version of the encore in Xochitlán -album"

9.22   12 6749 plays

Darkstar 15.02.2005


180 bpm. "Fast somewhat trancey track with powerful sawtooth leads and wet distorted blurps. This track has made it's way to the Freeform section of the Ishkur's guide to electronic music!"

Upcoming Electronic release. (

9.27   12 6155 plays
Hard NRG

Man eaten 15.02.2005


180 bpm. "Finnish NRG anthem 'Man Eaten' has already taken Finland by storm. Combination of tight driving beats, furious twisted riffs, an athmosphere as grim as the nordic winter and a breakdown to die for are the elements of this stunning track of 100% pure devastation." - Finrg

Track available on vinyl. (Finrghard001 - Finrg recordings)

9.5   6 5344 plays

Chimaera 15.02.2005


165 bpm. "A combination of cyberpunk and melodic hard trance."

Upcoming Camel records release. (CAM009 , UK)

8.56   3 4569 plays
Hard NRG

Icy clouds 15.02.2005


177 bpm. "A hybrid of Man eaten and Afternoon owl. In other words, dark finrg track with flanged leads and stomach rumbling bass sweeps."

8.64   4 4101 plays
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