Anima | 26.01.2011 | Grunge

Recorded at Studio RobaStation by Janne Immonen. Keyboards played by Janne Immonen.

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IMMORTAL (Lyrics by Matias Reenpää © 2005)

I took you for granted
I believed you to be mine
And the Love you planted
Made me act the concubine

Fear was covering ground
Destroying your desires
I was losing my mind
Imploring you to reside

The length of Time I wait for our Love to return
Is measured by the height of the stake I burn on

So I writhe in Pain
That causes me no wounds
No wounds
No No No
Were I to Bleed in vain
If I was Bloodletting my Emotions
My Emotions

The Faith in my Heart though my Death may be Brutal
The Flame of Our Love has made of me an Immortal
'Said I am Immortal

I have lived a Dream
But now That Dream is gone from me
She had the eyes of the prettiest Skies and Seas

There will be others
To cherish my Love you said
You said you said you said
I want to cherish yours
Without any regrets
No regrets

My life's story had your name written all over it
It was written all over it now now now now
The Prologue starts with me trying to saviour it
Said I'm trying to saviour it

Hearing you ending it
Opened some Portal
I didn't die entering it
I must be Immortal


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