Peace Sign


Akustinen 2-raitademo viime vuosituhannelta jonka päälle myöhemmin kasattu bändisovitus...

Written and performed by Arto Hietala
2020 remix by Will Fakapany Song Jr III

Clean Blood Music 1994/2009

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Lord sent me a peace sign
And sent me His love
For all the long years we'd spent apart
Showed me my sorrow and fear of love
And tried bringing peace to my heart

Whatever faith was meant to mean
I could not deny her beauty
So I ran downstairs and picked up the pieces
We'd left there lying for some time

My sight had all vanished
The light was gone
Taken by mistakes I'd done
I'd feast on sorrow. disgrace and lust
Unaware of what it brings in the long run

Whatever faith was meant to mean
No words could begin to describe this
So I ran downstairs to pick up the pieces
We'd left there lying for a while

And if you think you've seen the best of me
Just wait till you see me now
Centuries will bow before the tale
And stars will realign
The stars will realign


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