An old song about a friend I lost.
Acoustic demo from early 00's with later overdubs.

Written by Arto Hietala
2020 remix by Will Fakapany Song Jr III

Clean Blood Music 2020

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Kappaleen sanat

A miniature face in a miniature place
You walk the line of sand
with a shotgun in your hands
And prepare to draw a line
On what is yours and what is mine
A shallow empty reel
of a man you used to be

In the corner of your eye
you barely see the world pass you by
Like a calling that you missed
In your past life or in this
And there's nothing you can do
Now you realize it too
You can not fight the fate
When you're too quick and way too late

Now the rain keeps coming down
It pours heavy, it pours loud
You try to stop and think
as you fix another drink
To wash the pain away
Man, you do this every day
One time it almost worked
You were a warrior gone berzerk

You've seen those ancient times
when this man was in his prime
Before the devil's grip
caused his self control t slip
Back in the good old days
Before the madness and the rage
A lot of promises were made
and verified with a razor blade

I failed to take you down to the river
I failed to take you down to the sea
I failed to take you down to the river
And when the dawn breaks
we'll see which promises
have survived the night
I failed to take you down with me


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