The Melody Of Myrna Wall


Biisi on 90-luvun hyviltä ajoilta.
Nauhoitus alkuvuodelta 2015 - taisi olla ihan eka tai toka biisi minkä nauhoitin laitettuani "lopulliset" kotiäänityssoftat läppäriin.

2020 remix and remaster by Will Fakapany Song Jr III

Arto - kaikki soittimet ja efektit.

Clean Blood Music 1996/2020

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Kappaleen sanat

Myrna was the sweetest girl
She lived nearby the road across my home
Where bonfires would burn
I kept on telling her that human brain
works better on the run
But she would never learn

Years passing by, she spent them
sowing little dolls in a dark hall
where no one could see her
She nursed them with a love so pure
so tireless, and hummed a low key melody
that filled the entire room

Myrna was the sweetest girl
She lost her mum and dad when she was four
Was it supposed to make her stronger?
The world outside her hall is grey and mean
And in the eyes of Myrna Wall
no kindness can live

Some of the dolls looked just like me
Now I will never know just what for.
Was I the first to touch her?
Was I the first to show the world
The melody of Myrna Wall?

The world saw the face of Myrna Wall
There's 45 dead down at the mall
The world saw the face of Myrna Wall


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