Day One


Written and performed by Arto Hietala
Produced and mixed by Will Fakapany song Jr III

Clean Blood Music 2015
All rights reserved

Clean Blood Music 2015

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Kappaleen sanat

Worlds collide with storm and flames
and seven songbirds sing
Man returns from wilderness
with thousand tales to tell

We tried so hard to make sense of things
How could I forget
Our words would drown in wine and wind
and the mourning ring

The curtain is to keep out the sun
It has covered everyone
All the ghosts are buried now
We're standing still, somehow

You can break my bones, break my heart too
It no more matters if you do
You can sleep and rest assured
That I know where I'm heading to

The world has gathered at your door
The wolves come in for more
They feed that emptiness inside
when you've been denied

The child was on the basement floor
Guns were at the door
The footprint's still down there to see
and shall not be ignored

She never saw the spring to come
Well, it came anyhow
There's envy to award it with
Five million minds that can't forgive

It's the first day of the new dawning
and there's nothing left to find
We might as well just wake up now
She might as well been mine

She woke up where true love waits
Locked behind the seven gates
He got up the room was bare
and no longer cared


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