Stray Dogs

Bastardon | 08.02.2020 | Post-Grunge

Words & Music by Arto Hietala

Produced and mixed by Will Fakapany Song Jr III

Performed by Bastardon:
Arto - vocal, guitars
Bastard One - bass
Bastard Two - piano, synth
Will Fakapany Song Jr III - drums

2020 remix/edit

Clean Blood Entertainment 2016/2020

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Here's the collar, a mouth guard too
Strap them on, now they control you
And dim the lights, forget all you know
Babe, turn your lamp down low
A new dawn has risen now,
and they no more welcome dialogue
These are the days of rabies and stray dogs

The great chosen ones of man
travel through the old continent
Enriching us all, stalking, raping, stealing
and they're laughing at our graves
And remember girls don't go out alone
You mustn't provocate them like that
Better lock up yourselves, yeah, I know it sucks
But these are the days of stray dogs

She was the river to my rain
and dried me when I was a wreck
All these others tried to have me committed
or put a rope around my neck
But they tore you down to little pieces
and in came paranoia
Now it's too late to seek revenge
The stray dogs have moved on

The great chosen ones of mankind
just keep traveling on
Same old sick tricks in another nation
Regression tags along
While no one recalls the sacrifice
The price you paid for the freedom
Laying bloodied ravaged alone in the gutter
In the hands of stray dogs


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