Limited Emotions (research revision)

Blue Mace | 17.02.2009 | Chill Out

Not quite happy with the original version, so decided to try to make another more focused version.

Ended up replacing all the compressor, limiters and reverbs with research prototypes, slamming the drums a bit harder on compression but softer on overall mix, loosening the bass to make the overall sound a bit lighter.

Also tried to do a bit more careful master, not forcing it too tight against the ceiling.. and ended up pretty much slamming against the prototype limiter (the MP3 doesn't even tell the whole truth, the original actually runs even hotter) but it actually turned out to sound cleaner than the original anyway (except for the sounds I clipped on individual tracks to give them a bit of dirt), so who cares.

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Fillari 10.04.2009
mielenkiintoista biittiä, jossa tapahtuu paljon. Tun napsutelujuttu stereokuvassa tuossa alussa oli jännä. Soundit ja VST-hommat on hallussa. Omassa genressään hyvää tavaraa.
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