I Lost


Song get power to alcohol.

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for childrens all the time lying like idiots,
world be a better place tomorrow, don't think about it,
it's time to sleep and don't please, don't wake up until morning,
and see your mother crying, in kitchen alone,
don't thinks those bills on table it's not your problem,
go outside to play and don't think anything!

I lost ! i don't feel the wind on skin of mine
I lost ! i don't hear the sound of forest,
That so pure clean smell in nouse, anymore.
I lost in the void! I lost in void for humanity !

corrupted heart pumping that blackblood to deadbrains,
it's give that power to Congressman, how make others life like a hell!
his look so fress and clean but it's rotten inside of skin !
congressmans crated illusions for you idiot !
you start think your life meaning something to them!
but you're so wrong! it's time to wake up that fucking dream!
and start to see that true how them makes our's life misery !


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