ICE Scream Main Title

Christer Holm | 19.07.2005 | Soundtrack

This is the main title for a horror film that tells a story about a small USA town which gets haunted by a paranormal icecream truck. People start disappearing in the town and the sheriff is desperately searching for clues until they make a gruesome discovery in the back of the icecream truck. The icecream man is in town. Prepare to scream. This is a "camp" horror film, like Halloween, which is the inspiration for this piece. It starts with the icecream truck's melody. I first made this with the melody used on icecream trucks in Finland and Sweden but I changed it because of possible copyright issues.

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IPS 31.12.2010
Interesting suspense theme. Ice Scream Main Tittle sounds very misterous ... I don't like it much, but it's just interesting =)
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