SWAT Marines - Main Title

Christer Holm | 19.07.2005 | Soundtrack

This is the main title sequence for “S.W.A.T Marines”, one of the most Badass Action films ever (however, the film does not yet exist.) It follows the work of a Special Government Task Force, the S.W.A.T Marines. Called on to resolve the most dangerous and critical hostage and terrorist situations.This piece starts out with a “mystical” intro, you can just imagine the logo of the film company going by. The Strings kick in as the main title comes up. After that it’s pure action as the S.W.A.T Marines embark on a mission. In the middle comes a toned down guitar theme of the main character, after that the action continues as the movie begins. More themes might follow in the future.This is my first try to make a “Hans Zimmer” type sound. You might recognize bits and pieces from his film scores here as I try to get the technique down. One of the main string cues is a tribute to “Crimson Tide”

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