The Siege of Arwath

Christer Holm | 24.12.2006 | Soundtrack

Part of Legend of Anval. This depicts the epic siege of the tower of Arwath, at the peak of the Rachzam range. Arwath is a place where a magical seeing stone is located. From the top of the vast Rachzam range, this seeing stone allows you to see all across the land. Arwath was long occupied by a sinister group of assassins, a secret guild directly under the Dragonlord.

After retreiving the great Wizard Eldor Darklight from the Monastery of Galamor, our group of heroes were able to execute
the long planned siege of this pivotal place. With the might of sword and sorcery, Arwath was put back in the hands of the King's men.

This is a special addition to Legend of Anval, created for the composing competition in Mikrobitti magazine in July 2006

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