Krzysztof Radomski


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Varhainen Valo 16.04.2009
This is hard stuff.
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qso 05.12.2003
The beginning with gliding drones is wicked but a bit too blurred imo. Gets better after 2 mins. Original, morphing, evil and of course: weird. Overall atmosphere doesn't give much hope for the future. I haven't seen the cartoon Twight mentioned but this surely doesn't remind me of Santa Claus. Unless he turned to the dark side recently.
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Eurydome 05.12.2003
scary and abstract. it feels like im in a dark and wet cavern, ancient marks on the wall, made by unknown specie from space. you have one bullet left and there's terminators behind every stone, you're in panic. et cetera. very interesting. i liked a lot..!
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Twight 03.12.2003
Tulee mieleen 'Joulupukki ja noitarumpu"-piirretty. Tämä on hyvä.. Upeita soundeja..
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