Krzysztof Radomski


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odkid 27.09.2005
I like the noisy beginning a lot. It's like a badly coded digital spaceship taking off. Oh, and the noise goes on and on... Very aggressive, very oppressive. I'd say that 'harsh noise' could be a better genre for this, but well what can you say, if you think this is dark ambient, it could fit into that description. Mentally hard sounds, this one goes to my playlist.
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Haava 27.02.2004
Maybe a little bit digitally hars soundscape for my taste.... Composition is good and I like the little aggressive and chaotic rhytm that keeps on trought the whole song. Living soundscape and lots of real inresting sound really keeps me intrested... Still a bit MORE analogue sounds would have been absolutely superb. Little more ambience for many sounds, in my opinion.
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qso 14.01.2004
Probably the most impressive soundscape in your ambient tunes that I have heard to date. Would fit perfectly into an old Lynch movie like Eraserhead (yep, that again). It's hard to go deeper than this right now. But very very nice work you have done here.
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