12 Monkeys

Convicted X | 05.04.2019 | Metal

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convictedx 02.05.2019
Spent the whole life in casket. Greedy and pervert is your kind of life. Travelled on time for nothing. At least I came along with you to find the reasons. Fall, fall, for this mankind you will fall down. Down into this ground you'll fall, fall, don't blame twelve monkeys soon you'll fall down, down into this ground. The meaning was the past, it didn't work well. Nukes and hatred were triggered and pointed at you. Now there's nothing 'cause we've killed it all. Too late we found the vaxine, the virus was us. Fall.... Rapture and vanity, endless insanity. Driven by the cause that is doomed to fall. What lies beneath ain't real! Ain't real! When your future was inside the time machine, there was still no hope, there was no hope at all. There was no hope! Fall...
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