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Lunar Transmissions 15.09.2004


Transmissions from the moon and beyond. Improvisations, sound fx, cold space pads combined with passion.

9.29   8 4396 kuuntelua

Tick Tock Tick Tock 12.07.2003


Tick, tock, tick, tock. And the life goes on.

9.19   20 5057 kuuntelua

Construction Yard 9am 04.11.2003


It is 9am at the construction yard. Clear and sunny morning, but what are they constructing?

I did finish this song roughly in 4 and half hours. A bit more melodic soundscape this time. Improvised melodies just played by the feeling what the images at my construction yard brought me. They were building a skyscraper.

8.8   5 2947 kuuntelua

SC2: Exploration (Solar System) 27.10.2003


This song is actually an original song by me (the "Solar System" on this very same page) where I added some elements from The Ur-Quan Masters Solar System song which makes it sound more like a remix. [Composed by Dan Nicholson and remixed by Jouni Airaksinen.]

9.78   7 3823 kuuntelua

Solar System 10.07.2003


Journey through space. Float your way past Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth & Moon, Venus, Mercury and finally Sun. Enjoy my horrible pronunciation of English. :)

9.73   11 4004 kuuntelua

Dreamscape 23.01.2004


Dreamy soundscapes. Quick improvisation made roughly in a 20 minute session.

8.67   6 2708 kuuntelua

C (parts 1-4) 02.12.2003


Music is based on a concept of using only note C and ~2:16 long parts.

9.25   6 2633 kuuntelua
New Age

Love of the Stars 14.08.2003


Short, but beatiful improvisation.

9   5 2650 kuuntelua

The Eternal Doctrine (UQM remix) 03.07.2004


Older remix of the Kohr-Ah theme for The Ur-Quan Masters remixing project. Soothing ambient. Used some rain recordings I made in the summer 2003 out of my kitchen window. Probably would fit better digitalvoice project.. :) [Original composed by Dan Nicholson]

9.4   3 4220 kuuntelua
New Age

Thomas Edison 28.07.2003


Something jazzy, something electronic. Well, started as hiphop beat, but didn't work out. So, here's something a bit more experimental with over compressed drums. The solo melodies were played live into sequencer with no after editing (you can hear the horrible playing). Enjoy the LoFi experience. Genre is probably Electronic/New Age - Adult Alternative.

8.8   6 2776 kuuntelua

Computer Core 05.02.2003


A tribute to Star Trek. Warm textures with improvised melodies carried by sound effects. When experiencing this please use equipment with wide frequency range if possible. Surround system and subwoofer recommended. The track contains sounds made with C-64 SID (QuadraSID emulator).

9.2   8 3785 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

Caves Beneath The Sea 31.10.2002


First track of this project. Dark and cold textures pushing into agony. Feel the anxiety while experiencing path through the under water caves. Improvised melodies and sound effects. [300 downloads was broken at 2002-12-20]

9.15   21 4433 kuuntelua

Sonar 05.12.2002


Sonar audio probe probes the sounds of the underwater life and the sounds of the waves. Improvised melancholic melodies probing your mind.

9.1   15 3746 kuuntelua
New Age

Sprit of The Forest 17.02.2003


This short piece was made for a one website to be used as a background loop. Life of the forest, warm woodwind choirs, celtic harp ballad and wind bell. Can you hear the sprit calling for you?

9.5   9 2973 kuuntelua
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