Ascend The Vicious 2006


Tämänkin miksauksesta kiitos Ville Miinalalle.

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Kappaleen sanat

Oh, what a futile intrusion
for a mind that thinks no one,
and a life that waits to pass on.

Did you realize
that others are here too?
Could you please them,
if you let them through?

Would they see the grand design?
Could it be the reason why?
There are no exceptions.

Only flaws to make it right.
Avail the weakest errors.
Accept all contempt.

Apart all the elation.
Express all these fears.
Oh why are they coming
after all these years.

Thoughts so oblivious.
Ascend the vicious.
Give none for the martyr.
Take it all for they are yours.

But all an illusion.
Better not to feel wrong.
A madmans hallucionation.
To make it go away.

If I am so different,
could you exclude my purposes.
Would they draw me
away from you!


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