Ever-Existent | 02.07.2007 | Melodic Metal


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i threw away my choices as i took this silent oath for you
guess i was afraid to confess my heart belongs to you

please say love qonquers all
i burn those false words in my heart and prove them to you...

laugh at my face, fool's hope for a lifetime
for you i was enslaved and digging this grave
death crosses my way and i find myself praying
free me from these chains, please take this life today...

these chains of yesterday are pulling me down to my grave
i cannot take another step
enslaved i've become
bound to this love

say love qonquers all
once i believed in those words now cursing my soul


this love disguised in pain is killing me, growing each day
thought once derailed was there for grief to claim
and loss enthroned, love enslaved

if something remains selfhatred is joyride
for all that is inside so fucking depraved
obsessing me insane this feeling so haunting
release me from these thoughts, let go of my soul...


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