Melodic Metal

Confine me 16.09.2012


Uuden "six feet under" demon toinen raita.

Naislaulu: Maarit Penttilä
Kosketinsoittimet: Ville-Veikko Vähäkuopus


1. She came to me,
dressed all white.
She kept her eyes on the wounds
made me feel alright, for a while.
I'm buried in the snow, seeing the same old dreams,
dreams I know too well.

My time to disappear...

Why should I bother to undertake
for now I know my soul is yours to take?
my sleepless eyes may have their rest
confine me

2. She came to me,
dressed all white.
She kept her eyes wide shut
and silenced the pain.
I trembled as her presence stumbled across...

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Hope 30.09.2012


Uuden "six feet under" -EP:n kolmas raita.
Laulussa Maarit Penttilä.

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Heavy Metal

Without another beating heart 30.09.2012


Uuden "six feet under" -EP:n neljäs raita.

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Anaesthesia's drama (outro) 30.09.2012


Uuden "six feet under" -EP:n päätösraita.
Säv: Ville-Veikko Vähäkuopus

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Melodic Metal

Dusk falls upon 16.07.2011


Uuden past times demon avausraita.


1: A silent gray is painting the scene,
this feels like a dream
Nothing stays the same as it's time for dusk
to draw the shade on the lonely rock
nothing like we used to see
before glorious scene now erased away.

2: Desperately holding on to one
soothing dream
Some listen to wind cries subdued
some look at the rain come smoothly down
delivering this darkness upon
Feed the fear inside
Something dreadful pulls away the sky.

As all now wade in this tide
having half the road now taken
in the distance the seas embrace the skies
new rise of...

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Melodic Metal

Arms of fate (2012) 11.05.2012


Arms of fate demon nimikkoraita.


1. My heart is singing the gentle song
telling a tale about the great unknown
whispering that I should leave this all behind
waiting for the die to be cast

Feels like I'm drowning
deep inside the arms of fate
struggle with all I've got now left
vanishing surface
alone drowning in the dim moonlight

2. All this emptiness inside
tearing me apart, closing my eyes
holding my breath as I wait
waiting for the arms of fate

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Melodic Metal

Misery painted eyes (2012) 17.03.2012


Tulevan demon lopetusraita.
Biisi kertoo masennuksesta ja siitä, miltä kamppailu sitä vastaan tuntuu.


1. A new dawn lays its rays
yet I feel the same,
born without a grace.
Falling leaves of yesterday,
I saw the world so beautiful
through my misery painted eyes

2. As the days fly by so fast
where is my place,
am I just a piece of the past?
Falling misery covers me
I once saw my life so clear,
now just misery painted cries

I lay to rest through the days so gray
Yet somehow make it through another day
All this pain and emptiness,
why should I send a meaningless...

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Gothic Metal

Arms of fate (2012) 23.02.2012


Klipit kaikista pian julkaistavan demon biiseistä.

1. The rest of me
2. Arms of fate
3. Misery painted eyes

Demo julkaistaan maaliskuussa 2012!


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Melodic Metal

Repent 28.08.2011


Past times demon 2. raita.


1: I have lost my will to live, my darling
could you yet hold my pieces together?
I don’t have anything major to give, its my end
growing darkness disposes the dawn

"I love you, forget my voice"
It's my fucking life, not yours!
You scatter my pieces to the ground
You must now be proud of yourself?

You never wasn't as crazy as I was
you fought, you always won

2: No one cares about me, not even me
"Hold me here and don't let go"
dont ever let your mind go astray like mine did
you knew me best, you fought,
but still couldn't stop me

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Melodic Metal

Pathway to demise 28.08.2011


Past times demon 4. raita.


1: Such heavy is the path
with no one to travel it with
How is a man able to wander alone,
when this pathway leads
to demise?

2: Such painful is the world
with no one to watch it with
How is a man able to wander alone,
when this pathway of life leads
to demise?

You may not close your eyes
that brief moment can take you along
None may lead you astray from the pathway
that brief moment can be your last!

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Heavy Metal

Alone 23.07.2011


Julkaistu 2007.

Lisäämpä tämän ihan nostalgiamielessä. Kuuntelin tuossa vanhoja äänityksiä ja ajattelin, että lisäämpä tämän taas mikseriin arvioitavaksi. =)

Laulu: Filomena Francisco
Piano: Erno Alaluusua

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Heavy Metal

Sorrow (remake 2008) 27.06.2012


Tsekkailin tuossa yks päivä vanhojen levyjeni sisältöä ja sieltä löyty monia hyviä ralleja. Tämä mukaanlukien.

Biisi on tosi vanha. Alkuperäinen on muistaakseni kirjoitettu 2005. Ensimmäinen versio näki päivänvalon vuoden 2006 levyllä ja uusi versio vuoden 2008 "far away from heaven" -promoalbumilla.


1. You come around
everytime when I'm alone
falling from nowhere
in to my mind
controlling me.
Step by step you're
pushing me away from this life
to the one I don't know

slowly drowning in to you...

come to show my destiny!

Every little smile that I give when...

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