Cold Precise World

Fatal Frame | 20.04.2008 | Death/Doom

No more truths, I will end it all

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The eyes walking behind
Knowing what they will find;
"What I`ll face I can`t defy"

The sorrow burns in her heart
The precious fear walks beside
She doesn`t know where they guide

What they`ve come to tell
Is how to put the revenge to an end

What she has decided
Is the only thing keeping her still alive
"No more truths!
I will end it all."

"Faces of thine
Haunt once more mine..."
Shapeless fear binds
Thrusths her into beautiful lies

"I am the only one keeping you
Still alive so why don`t I
Show you how the sacrifice
Has made me what I am"
The Shadows veil all
The morning`s on the wall
She doesn`t know where to hide
The overthrowning by deprived

And now it`s too late to fight
They guide her towars the sign
And as she read what she had wrote
The blood started to stream

Tasting the splendour
Of soft blood-red stream
As ashes to ashes (we go)
In cold precise world

Watching through fire
That burns in us all
As ashes to ashes (we go)
In cold precise world

And through the heavens wall
She finally saw it all
The blue, the grey, the dawn
That would not shine for her

So she took the gun so sweet
And looked inside this gloomy dream
Pointed target and with a smile
She whispered the final goodbye

-Jarno Laitinen


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yaroc 25.07.2009
Kuulin tämäm viimeisenä. Tämä on Swallowia mutta haittakko tuo mittäään koska tämä on hyvin tehtyä sellaista ja biisithan toimii!!! Loistavat lauluosuudet 2 laulajaa vissiin. Ja teillä ei ole levysopimusta UNBELIEVABELE!
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kake1962 13.05.2009
Kylmän kuuma ja synkkä fiilistelevä biisi...pidätettyä tuskaa, joka räjähtää valloilleen koska tahansa. Ja tapahtuuhan se omalla tavallaan...
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