Hard Rock

Bonebreaker 13.02.2005


You'd better watch out! He's a fighter, not a lover.
Just another wallbreaking Potato-hit.

9.25   6 2061 plays

Better than blues 13.02.2005


New Potato-session song with rock'n roll attitude.

9   4 2449 plays
Blues Rock

Hole in my pocket 13.02.2005


No money - no f-king honey! Just another bluesy shit.

8.67   6 2447 plays
Hard Rock

Way down south 09.04.2012


Hot new song from the upcoming GRABULATOR album Hard rockin' revolution.

Slipping and sliding way down south... That's the way we like it, loud and proud!

9.71   6 2185 plays | Song of the week (17/12)
Hard Rock

Thought it thru 21.09.2004


Hey stupid! Don't pull the trigger!

New song from the Potato-sessions.

9   8 2129 plays
Hard Rock

Good for my love 11.09.2004


You're just not good enough for my love!

Another song from the Potato-sessions.

8.75   9 1943 plays
Hard Rock

Can't get you out of my mind 11.09.2004


Good love gone bad...
A bit of a blues with touch of a hardrock.

New song from the Potato-sessions!

9.14   8 1933 plays
Hard Rock

The lust 05.12.2002


You gave me love, but all I needed was lust...

9.17   3 2187 plays
Hard Rock

Let me love you 05.12.2002


You've got the rhythm - let me love you?

8.67   4 2329 plays
Blues Rock

You need me 05.12.2002


I think you need me - do you?

9.13   5 2258 plays
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