essefsCeago 31.07.2013

Enjoy your blog ) my blog

Nimi 11.07.2012

it is the same skiessi

---- 11.04.2011

I would like to use "Onion", "Turning Point" and "Okay Okay Then" in a video game. However, I cannot find a contact to acquire permission. Is this the same Skiessi that has distributed songs with LMMS?

Teeteejay 27.02.2011

If you download LMMS, 3 songs come bundled with it, made by Skiessi (Onion, Turning Point and 'Randomprojectnumber1425 3') I'm not sure if this is the same skiessi as the one who made those songs. Still, nice songs!

Nick 26.12.2010

Oh, there are english is too))) I`m also like fruity)

All compositions 26.12.2010

Very good songs!!! What equipment (programs or synteisers) was used to make it??

Frank 18.12.2010

Great work, fantastic songs!!! Greetings from Germany.

Ripa 26.05.2007

Tätä vieraskirjan tekstiväriä vois muuttaa, valkosta ei taho nähä

JankQ 20.01.2007

ihan perus setti', muutama oli ihan kuuntelemisen arvone :P lisää vaan

Skiessi 06.01.2007

tarkoitin biiseihin

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