henrih22 09.05.2008

mä halusin sen takia ottaa sun faniksi että sulla on hieno tausta ja hyvää musaa!!

eXplorer- 01.05.2008

Thanks for comments! New music coming to this site after I come back from Paris :)

Yotian 22.04.2008

toi sun uus oli aika muikea :) paljos meni aikaa? toivottavasti ei liikaa XD odottelen innolla seuraavaa

veegee 03.02.2008

Hi profion. I hear your song too on czech dance radio now. And i must say that is realy good. Bye

Lukash 17.12.2007

Hey man! I´m from Czech Republic and want to say that Butterfly Dust is really a great stuff!!! Do you have some long version of this track? Can I get it somewhere on maxi-cd? I´m a dj and I´d like to play it in the clubs! My email is "lukas.hajek@gmail.c

eXplorer- 26.09.2007

Very nice to hear your comments Alexander :) Thank you.

mmm 19.09.2007

uuh, just mun makuu ! ;D

Alexander 23.08.2007

By the way.... I was hearing your clips and they sound amazing! I can even imagine an animation combines with those. Oh awesome, some of they are perfect for certain scenes!

Alexander 23.08.2007

Hola!... Amazing music, congrats you rock!... Greetings from Mexico... Finland's Techno is really good.

eeda 27.07.2007

Kuulostaapas hyvältä!

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