Guit-artist | 26.02.2005 | Melodic Metal

This one was written and recorded in late 2004. Due to illness I wasn't able to focus enough on my guitarplaying neither did I have the strenght or time to do that many takes. I ended up improvising a lot and there might be some "half hearted a little out of pitch notes" here and there.

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KeBu 04.03.2005
Nice synth programming! I liked the pad with short release notes, an issue that could have been highlighted a bit more. The drums sound really as a real drummer could have played it, as on all your songs, but the sound reveals the drummers true nature :) And yes, the guitars are wonderful...
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moskito 27.02.2005
Great ideas you have here. Your overall sound is original, although of course some Vai + Satch influences can be heard there. You write very good stuff, and added with your great playing the result cannot be anything else but brilliant stuff.
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