If I Fall

HALON | 20.09.2014 | Electro-Rock

Kappale ihmisen henkisestä romahtamisesta. kaikki kappaleessa kuultava: Harri Halonen.

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Kappaleen sanat

If I fall

we never know when our life will end
we never know which cards we'll get

I never wanted to be mistreated
I never wanter to hurt someone else
I never thought I was better than else
So what's the reason they want me to pretend


If I fall That doesn't take so much effort
so if I fall I will not know it tomorrow
If I fall From that bridge where I stand tall
So if I fall My deep sleep is my deeper sin

Malicious looks behind your neck
Mocking writings under your deck
you never getting your truly enemy
It never lets you to be free

c- part

I never noted how unnoticed I have been
I never wanted to be unhappy
I never wanted to be like others
I never wanted to decide so sudden


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