Above The Zenith


In 2007, on my 28th birthday, SPACESYNTH.NET community has shown appreciation to my activity as a musician by giving me an unique gift - Alesis Ion hardware synthesizer. To express my gratitude, I decided to compose a track especially for them.
This is my tribute to SPACESYNTH.NET team and community. Track obviously utilised Ion, as well as some software synths. I hope you enjoy it!

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smirk 12.09.2008
Very professional use of sound techniques and control of every aspect of this tune.. but.. there is missing "that" something that could raise my rating to 10.

Excellent work anyway!
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Teknoaidi 19.03.2008
Nice. Just the kind of spacesynth I enjoy listening =)
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Drakmin 04.03.2008
Beautiful track. I really like the moment when bassline changes to faster. All melodies are great, not a surprise from you :D Track has enough variation and contrast not to become boring at any part. Drums are something I would do a bit different but I don't mean they were bad now. It's just my taste. :P
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DA Neva 11.04.2008
Really good song. I almous could say masterpiece. Traditional cowbell thing is only one thing what is not hot.

Really worth of listen.
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