Kalkutan Konepaja: Gotham City

Batman `nd Robin they never got married.
`cos Robin died AIDS years ago.
Catwoman by the way is usin` diapers.
She can`t find her kittybox enymore.

The phantom sign is in your cheek boy
The batman sign is in your brains.
The phantom sign is in yor cheek boy
And it never wash away.

The Joker doesn`t laugh enymore
`cose Phantom moved next door to him
Brought in his wife, twins, wolf, horse `nd couple dozen pygmies.
Crowded house in the eastside.


Everytime I need.
Between the coversheets,
there`s a world so neat,
where heros,
play by the book.
That`s the hook.

These were the news,
from Gotham City
The old man doesn`t rule enymore.
People voted for a new major.
His name is Mr.Encore.


By H.Heiskanen