Kalkutan Konepaja: Too Ugly LTD

Do you feel the beat?
Ooh yes you do.
Can you hear the sound?
Vibrating around.
Abandon your seats. Can you see sign enywhere?
Too ugly too ugly limited.
We keep the beat.
While you`re hasitating am I lookin` good enough now?

Even the Wild horses couldn`t drag you to the dance floor, you just refuse to GO.
REBORN ON THE DANCE FLOOR.X3 We keep the beat...

(1 verse again,with slight chances)

Even the Wild horses couldn`t drag you away from the dance floor,when you were a child.
that feelin`
is fadeing,
and you not gonna be any youger.

Captain says:move.

If you wanna put ten thousand buck for the therapy,
and another for the plastic surgery.
Well...it`s your business
do what you got to do.
We do the same for free,
right here right now.

We just keep the beat.(A few times)

You see the lights come up to night lights so bright.
Sound boomin`around just groovy.
Now you hold the beat.
Uuu baby...Can`t you see life is all about you
and me,
We just keep the beat.
We keep ,the beat.

By H.Heiskanen