Dr.Groove: Dragons Are Gone

Dragons Are Gone, (c) Dr.Groove & 3rd party

They remind of those far-flung days
When they used to rule the world,
But no more are they here, why?
Now listen to this tale.
No-one, elf or dwarf, knew of war.
Not until the humans came,
Humans of greed.

From the distant lands,
the men on horses came.
They attacked the elves,
They attacked the dwarves.
They tore down the villages,
burned the crops.
Just so one human king
Could get his gold.

The elf-folk disappeared,
The dwarves went underground
The gryphons were all burned,
The dragons were killed.

The elves resisted well,
The dwarves fled away.
Gryphon feathers became
Decorations of the rich.
Dragon meat is good, or so was said.
During the many wars,
The elves and dwarves were killed.

The elf-folk disappeared, …