Kalkutan Konepaja: Money

Nine a´clock news gives me a blues
we gonna drown inna own lard
just because all you need is
more more more more
hungry souls in a chor
gadda gadda gadda get
some more
you bastards ate all that
no wonder you got so fat
still ask for more

ten a clock news gives me more blues
we got the first price as a lifetime vacation
in a western world
mental reservation
maybe the news was duck
but you don´t give a fuck

meanwhile you gotta make
some money money money money
running in and out
looks pretty funny
excuse me,
smile won`t help
you`re dummy
OK party is over everybody out
there`s no doupt the natureboy has

Now the kids are sleepin`
inna kitchen mommy is weepin`
thinkin` `bout the mess
we left behind.
I`ve made up my mind

Chor x2
just can`t take this no long
I kiss her goodbye
as I walk out the door
tonight is gonna blowup some
shopping mall
but most of all
I hate that money
I don`t want that money
I don`t need that money
it just don`t fill my soul