Antipope: To Bring Down the Blessed Mother

To Brind down the Blessed Mother
(M.M 2004)

I’d wish to be out there in the darkness
Waiting for your virgin passing by
To snatch her and drag her down to dungeon
Where pleasure waits for pain to sow its seed

This is divine nemesis!

I’d like to make the mother curse her unborn son
The seed of hypocrisy that ruined the age of man
And rape her for uncounted hours
Until she’d wish no more for an angel or a ghost
sent by your frigid God

But I’ll leave you untouched
And let you wander in the darkness
Knowing that you bear in your heart
The fear for my second coming
When there’s no one to send his son
To be slaughtered like fucking Lamb of God
Waiting for your souls to slowly shatter
Until no hope could bring you back to life

I’d walk from the fearful
To the conquered paradise
There I would make a fire
Of your dead tree of life

When I see your churches go up in flames
I see the dream shatter in your eyes
I laugh and spit in your broken face
And my ears are blessed by Christian cries

I plant a seed of terror in your heart
That will grow and begin to strangle you in the night

When you wake and say your prayers to the unmade God
In the silence that will slowly freeze your fucking Christian heart.