Antipope: Song of the Innocent

Song of the Innocent
(MM 05/2006)

How on hell were we given a choice,
when we were told by a voice from the astral heights?
In the system no error would not occur,
since the day the world was born and man was set to govern the Earth.

By God we are the chosen,
let us sing the song,
of the Innocent glory.
We need another Herodic abortion,
another bath of blood,
to wash us even more holy.
“The man in us so Holy
and my greed is so Holy
and my need is so Holy
and my fuck is so godlike Unholy
Praise the Lord, Satan Satan Satan!”

“How are we going to die?”
Let us hear another lie, “what will be on the other side?”
“How many virgins will be mine”,
were they really born behind the sky?
Lord supreme, I choose the day I die.
Soon after their cries were lost in the desert sun.

The garden denied behind, did you know to pray to son of the sun?
My eyes so blind from the light that would no shadows cast

Look on the rising, that’s were God does live,
giving all his light away, you tell me.
But what were those fiery pits you promised me?
One more thing that will be fine after another rebirth

We sing the song of the innocence,
we drink the blood from the innocent.