Electric Monk: Tango Desperada


there's a worn old man with ragged clothes and expensive hat
sleeping in the gutter of a busy street
by his feet lies a coal black cat, his only loyal friend
once in a while he lifts his eyes to see what's going on

people running from
cradle to grave
never asking why
they jump on to rat race
fall into disgrace
never-ever showing their true face

"this ain't for me" he thinks and returns to his slumberland
he played his part in this brief episode of life
now he's content with his cat in the shelter of his expensive hat
but what he did and where he came only heaven knows for sure

people craving for
honor and reward
always more and more
greed and vanity
breeds insanity
is it worth it at all?

(c) ilkka elo. 17.2.-21.2.'06.