Lost With You: To Live Is To Give (demo 2006)


You can live, expect, you can live and whine. You can make demands and you can claim.
You can live, insist, you can live and wait but what difference does it make.
Everything you do is for yourself and you are here only to take.

It doesn’t make you feel any better, it doesn’t help at all.
Couldn’t there be another way to live, another way to feel?
It’s not too late to change your way of thinking; it’s not too late to see:

This is the time when you’re needed, give everything you have inside.
This is the time and this is your life. You have the power in your heart.

It’s not what you get from this world. It’s what you give to this world.
Don’t run away from the pain. You are part of this world.

Oh God, please give me more power to give.

Now the question is: how much to give, how much more?
And the answer is: more than you got, give more than you got.

Use your heart and mind, never ask return, walk your own way and it’s easy to see.
Now it’s time to live, now it’s time to give. You have never felt the truth stronger than now:

This is the time when you’re needed. This is the time to give more than you got.
This is your life and this is the time. Give everything you have inside.