Mind's Pressures: Farewell

we are living in mouth of an enormous giant
brave as i tiger but still valiant,
i use his ear as a window
and her nose as a door
what the fuck, it's shemale?! - wanna hear more?

it has million teeth and thousand eyes
zillion cheeks and so low price
one day i will grow as big as it is

sunlight spanks me by its beams
and i get strenght to grow
i need fire and a dynamite
to make winds blow
winds carries the nutrities to me
and makes all my hairs shake like trees
i grow (x3)
i'm getting fucking big

i desire your bones
i envy of nothing
you are dust no matter what but your skin is that i lust
rare as hell
f-a-r-e-well [**ef ei ar ii well**]

(i am so strong that i could bend a steel)

voi perkele
i will grow so big, that i eat a building that i cant fit in
let's grow together, let's grow as one
andwe could not be killed by a gun

join or die

we are - siamese giants - we are - siamese giants

very well - farewell then (x2)