Mind's Pressures: Winter & Us

the house of thousand tales
and darkened rooms underneath the stars
stars that smiled like never before
you gave me a look that scared the shit out of me
those things i never forget

(chorus 1)
there is no entry
what the fuck is happening
no lights, no sight
i could kill someone
youre restricted
there's nothing i could do
i just want to drown
on among all clowns

there i belong
behind humanity
far away
away from you

you should have noticed
what i was
or what we were
that the silence is us

(main chorus)
i love you anyway
that winter gained a part in my life
i cant presume you could understand but you can
you are the one of a kind

think the perfect world
my vision already blurred
everyone would be conceited
hiding themselves from the truth
i guess that it could make me better
but i can't stand behind my words

winter and us (x2)