Antipope: Foreplay for Overthrow

Foreplay for Overthrow
(MM 7.11.04)

Beatrice in anguish, the rhymes of doom
Cassandra recites for ethereal Troy
The exiled ravens, choirs defiling
Unconquerable Will affronts the light
The devils as deities adored
Enthroned Inana, God’s altar displaced
And disgraced in Syrian mode
With virginal bleeding the phallic war-gods
In lustrous passions paint sisters of Ba’al
Sacred marriage with pleasure resounds
Mother Morrigan and Khaos laugh

Like clarion call and trumpets uproar
Legions now thunder for holy eternal war

Unjeweled Ishtar in Ereshkigal’s grasp
Reposed now freed to lift millennial curse

Lust ridden maidens of twilight
Cloistered scream
To greet their dark amorous
Mistress of the night
The hordes of Gehennic angels court
The daughters of the Moon
On burning wings, autumnal leaves
Ignited to surge from nocturnal wombs

The Seraph of war, Satan imposed
On his Mates of fate in heroic race
“Rise ye downfallen slumbering in the deeps of Hell”

Imperial ensign leads the horrid front
Like midnights chimes their martial cries
This menacing phalanx in Dorian mood
March to set the Christendom to

The Howling of the Hounds of Artemis

The huntress of the crescent moon
Let thy cunning arrows swoop
Through the spheres of the angels raped
The Nailed God doubts his arms doomed

Dark mother offer up thy precious cunt
Denied and defiled the Lord’s first pawn
Avoided puritanical defloration
To breed Lilithian conflagration

This bitter tragedy is through
Heavens maiden in pains
Winged Victoria embraces Arch-Angel
Conqueror worm
Crimson harlot cursed now reigns
As queen where once cherubim held sway
Patriarchs in ruins, dark aeons returned for
Luciferian purge