Antipope: An Incantation to Make All the Welkin Ring the Name of the Antipope

(MM 07/07)

Angels bewinged, benighted
Buried beneath the shifting
Of time.

Shroud your faces wan, sorrowed,
As the shadows storm the skies.
The rape of saints and darkened morrow
Is the soul of plot displayed tonight.

Name me by the
Player of Discord
Heard among
The archetypes of slavery

I despise the Death
I am the Lord of light
Yet spheres resound my name
I gave birth to the night.

(And) still you kneel before
the treacherous Lord,
faces down (to) the floor.
Welcome the sword
Thirsting for gore
Of the dying heavenly whores.

Furies, light the pyres
Bless your kin with vengeance
(I) smite against the welkin
Drink the blood of liars
Pour my cup of hatred
Castrate the gods pallid
Rid the world of vermin
Cut down (the) rotten godhead

(A) spirit throng bedighted
In madness and fog of war.
Puppets of wanton fantasies
Witness perennial tragedy.

Retake the throne from thieves,
Bound the drum, curse the seal.
The sign of divine servitude
Lies broken and choirs of heaven mute.

I am not your kind
Unleashed I am, wreaking havoc
As a fallen star I pierced the sky
Once, now I am back for more.