Antipope: Rhamnosia


Chaosmos reborn
The end of millennial rape.
Bend your knees; you’re the one to swallow the discharge
From the maddened clouds spitting acid down.

Cold jaded stars conceal their eyes
Gaia crying enshrouded in a veil
In vain divine gestures you plea to the skies
Once primordials cast their chains aside.

There is no god to save you
Your blood fertilizes the dying Earth

Primal order restored
Hubris calling for nemessengers of fate
Was it by reading between the lines
You tried to harness the elemental might?

Harbingers of disaster banished from the gates
Sealed by maddiction to blind faith
Pray on your knees your name won’t be erased from the book of life
And written in the grimoire of the unmade

“Destruction, hence, like creation,
is one of the Nature’s mandates”*

At last we take a step towards vast emptiness
Yet this one resides outside our souls.

You name it by a monument,
This cosmic-scale slaughterhouse
The bowels of which you dug too deep
And rose dormant wormwood, now in bloom.
The shadows gather, clouds toxic amend
Humane discord in the food chain.
Chthonic stir ‘neath artic range
To heed the call to black out sun.

Back to five-pointed stardust
Your bodies pile up again
One with planetary dirt,
Feeding aeon’s rebirth.

Nemesis revolve
In the minds depraved looking for the end.
The age of fire and the storm
Prolonged death knell silenced anon.

Backslashed to the age of survival games
Last prayers escape the lips of dying race
Too late the truth breached mental palisade
From now on with blowflies you will fornicate.

Thus ends the reign of Man.

*Donatien-Alphonse-François de Sade