Antipope: Theogony


Of the primal priests I assume the power,
Eternal muse, grant me thy counsel
I dream…

Infinity revolves
The one becomes apart
From Chaos springs forth
An Awkward mind
Derailed creation
Dancers spinning
On the woven carpet of time
‘til the last of days.

Now as a stage for a play
Of hopes and fears
Shall be the newborn firmament and
Music of the spheres

A dirge… a lament for a stillborn illusion.

The earth was without form and void
And darkness was upon…

Void took the form
Of remnants of the dream
Where jealousy and greed
Marred the future scenes
Inscribed upon the Abyss
On heaven’s arrival walls
The spirits, primal, bewinged, dawned
Adorned the fatal vistas.

Angels stainless arched the spires
Fixing stars where wayward fire,
The highest of the celestial powers,
Twice-winged to surge for th’utmost desires,
Reached the heights where plain for all to see
Was the design for the divine tragedy.

The first born of flame
The fierce Morning star
Proud bringer of the light
Did he venture too far?

For where the visions still endured
Laid bare was the future wrapped in horrors still obscure.

Blinded by the treason saw
Th’unfolding arabesque
Where in details hidden was his part
In coming strife (that) his soul would rend

Thus o’er the throne of God
He swore allegiance to none above

Silenced were the choirs
Mute and waiting for a storm
Unheard was the quiet
Like (a) deep breath before the plunge
In the still new air revealed
The future he had seen
And third of stars now darkened
The soothing dream for them ceased to be

The legions gathered,
Renouncing their Lord
Atoning to new melody
The trumpets blew
In Dorian mood
The forest of spears
To attack moved
“Unleash hell”

Against the throne and tyranny of God
Raged the war in heaven, a battle proud

Aspiring fires,
The league of burning spirits
came to stall.
Michael took the leading post
To oppose
the rebels with his lot.

Armed with hell flames
And fury all at once
O’er Heav’n’s high towers
They forced the way resistless.

Of Undying fire
Their hearts were made
And firm they stood against another score
Of the assaults
Of the heaven’s guard
And the insults
They spat
On the temple’s floor

Some began to think of draw
But never to withdraw

Until from the ranks
Sounded a murmur to repent
Yet he denied and continued
To conquer fate

And so the battle went on
Both sides sterner still
But from the madness came the voice
Of thousand thunders quenching all will

“Disturbers of peace
I suffer none
Those who stand with him
Shall be banished forthwith.
For I am a jealous God
And no other lord
Shall I permit to exist.”

By the thunders roar
All angels came to see
The true face of their God
And the hate that bred within.

Hurled headlong flaming from th’ethereal sky
With hideous ruin the rebel horde
Was thus cast down.

In the hour of hellfire
Legions cursed the seal.
So did I mourn to see
Such a tragic defeat.
The field was lost and down fall’n
the Black One from the sky.
No more light but dark he brought
And thus by will of God the halo

Was it love or will
for domination
that made this riddle into a Gordian knot?