Mustaruhtinas: Legacy of Hate

Always you belive lie
And this is where you die
No need to fight now
You embrace the night

Where the light will fade
You see flame
Wondering what you made
My soul you`ll never tame

And I`m one whit night
Never will see the sun
Nor will I feel the might
In black flame I`ll now burn

Violent despair controls me
Hate rapes my soul
In evil dream shall I born again
So my fangs shall penetrate your flesh

As I feast whit blood and flesh
You and your kin will hide
No matter where you go
I`ll always find you

As long as I exist
You get no peace
I find you and
Your prayers are now answered

Now you call me your god
From shadows you`ve emerged
By my taunting presence
You are now revealed

Now your souls belong to me
As my slaves you shall now serve
In this darkened realm
You fulfill my every need
This is legacy of hate