AAE: Seven Eleven (Slaughterhouse One)

Once upon a time in the land of the snow
a ramboy goes out and plays
the hand of god on his own

Merry-go-round, tuck in, paper dolls
Clearly for the kids and not for adults

So do the right thing and buy yourself a gun
Quick flick of the wrist and you are it
All the eight of you (you missed a few)
We all feel for you

Black sheep among the lambs
The kind that howls to the moon
Armed to the teeth everyone needs a .22 to make a point
And at the end of the day they have nothing to say
The feature on the screen is not a comedy

Do what needs to be done
Tie your shoes
Be a man not a lamb
Take the number "9" at 10:15

The movie of the week
New group in the face
Front page of the news
Save yourself, flee, escape

It doesn't take a genocide
to unite and open their eyes
Have fun with the paper dolls
Don't burn them all in the air