Kalkutan Konepaja: Fullmoon Afternoon

If I should die, before rest of you should.
Nail my body inna box of wood, ┬┤nd burn it good.

Tell my friends this awfull news and invite them
in for weed and boose.
you can prop me by the stereo
and play the music as loud as it will go.

You can fucked up till the rising sun
then it`s time for the funeral run
go down the street with the second gear inna panel truck
with the crate of beer.

Chateurian moments when impossible is nothin` special.
life sould suprise you every now and then,
timing is everything,
early stars were leadin` my way
From the circle of life to the other side.

Some said our days are numbered,
donno one thing` for sure
some said it`s not all right
coming generation counting for more.
Allways turn dark side to bright,
but there`s two sides in every dime.
The way live is the way you die.

Allways turn dark side to bright.
But there`s two sides in every dime
maybe four maybe five.
Be my deadly valentine.
By the fullmoon afternoon.
But it`s all ways worth for try.

by Shelton/Heiskanen