Antipope: The Stand

The Stand

Winter storm is coming on
We're hiding in frost,
Patiently in wait
For the army of Christ.

Closing in ten-thousand strong
Sheep in wolves clothing
Brace your shields and raise your swords
Let carnage begin

They land these shores with their faith
In their search for Eden
Out-numbered ten to one we are
But soon they'll know the pride of heathen

Under the sign of the cross
You come to take our land
But all you'll gain is misery
So die by our hand

Well have we fought
O'er slaughtered we stand
(On) those fall'n by the sword
Like eagles on a branch

Glory we have gained.
Though soon we may die,
Don't bow your head and mourn,
For today we crack the sky.

I bring my blade down again
With your blood I redden the day
Slaying invaders one by one
I send them to meet their god

[Solo: JR]

For the memory of our fallen brothers
We make the stand
To defend our heritage
The time is now at hand

Raise your swords and brace your shields
Let carnage begin!
To death we fight, not to yield
And the gods of war shall win

(In Memoriam JMP)